The Value of Professional Volunteerism

One can never know the path volunteering may lead…

Baltimore's Inner HarborHow about: caucusing with the FBI… striving to overcome fears of public speaking… traveling our great nation… winning lovely accolades…

After quite a few years of idle, non-participation in my industry’s association, the Global Workspace Association (GWA), I decided this year to join a little-advertised task force addressing virtual office clients. I am kicking myself – where have I been? Why was I so unengaged? What wonderful opportunities have I missed for professional and personal development?

The benefits of my short-term effort on the Virtual Office Task Force did, in fact, give me the opportunity to work with the FBI. Plus, I didn’t actually ‘die’ presenting the Task Force’s findings at the annual conference. While at the conference I had the chance to enjoy Baltimore’s vibrant Inner Harbor, and I had the great honor to be granted the Global Workspace Association’s Volunteer of the year award.

Today, I had my first meeting for the new committee I’ve joined; the GWA’s Education Committee. I’m very excited for what I will learn!

Plus, I fully intend to live vicariously through my partner, Scott Chambers, Pacific Business Centers COO, who volunteered and was voted to the Board of Directors for GWA and is chairing the Marketing Committee. Given the fast-paced changes to our industry, think of all the people he’ll meet and the places he’ll go…
Stay tuned!

Tracy WilsonTracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson is a Managing Partner with Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces), a California based Serviced Workspace.

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