Pacific Workplaces Updates its Annual Customer Rating and Pricing Comparison with Regus & WeWork

Updated as of March 2024 In the spirit of full transparency, Pacific Workplaces (Pac) recently updated its comprehensive compilation of prices published by individual Pac locations and nearby Regus flexible office centers for relevant apple-to-apple comparisons, as well as a compilation of customer ratings for both firms, available online with Yelp, Google and Trustpilot [...]

What Differentiates Pacific Workplaces (PAC) from WeWork and other Coworking Operators?

Written by Laurent Dhollande, CEO 1)  PAC is profitable and has been for over 16 years Not many operators can say that they successfully weathered two recessions, while staying cash flow positive. PAC can. This is in part because many operators were founded after the last Great Recession. What will happen when the economy [...]

Should Office Building Owners & Asset Managers Increase or Decrease their Exposure to Coworking? And other questions raised after the 2019 WeWork IPO debacle.

Written by Laurent Dhollande, CEO Photo credit: Handout WeWork’s bad press since their IPO fiasco is raising new questions for commercial office asset owners & managers:  Is the WeWork story symptomatic of the Coworking industry? Should I take a pause before pursuing a coworking operator to move into my building? Is coworking [...]

Life After WeWork – Now What?

This article explores the after-effects of WeWork’s colossal pre-IPO collapse and its impact on landlords, investors, coworking operators, and WeWork SMBs and Enterprise members. The 2019 collapse of WeWork has been well documented. The reader can go to the end of the article for a summary of the chronology of events and key metrics.  [...]

What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity

Provided by Harvard Business Review Author:  Janna Koretz Dan*, a partner at a major Boston law firm, was due at the office, but instead, he was curled on his bathroom floor, unshaven and in his pajamas, crying into a towel. It began slowly, in a meeting with a particularly pushy client, when a thought [...]

The Value of Professional Volunteerism

One can never know the path volunteering may lead... How about: caucusing with the FBI… striving to overcome fears of public speaking… traveling our great nation… winning lovely accolades… After quite a few years of idle, non-participation in my industry’s association, the Global Workspace Association (GWA), I decided this year to join a little-advertised [...]

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This Is Not Your Father’s Virtual Office

A conversation on mobile workers and the explosion of virtual offices with Laurent Dhollande, CEO of CloudVO, and Scott Chambers, Managing Partner of Pacific Workplaces. (Reposted from Executive Suite Success Magazine, September 2011) Revved Results (RR): Laurent, we knew you before as CEO of Pacific Workplaces in California. Why this move to CloudVO? Laurent [...]

Client Spotlight – Dave Anders of Anders & Falltrick Architects

Architect Dave Anders decided to branch out on his own after 15 years of school, and medical projects working with larger firms. Eight years ago, he began his own firm with Krysia Falltrick. Although the team still provides services for commercial, government, and institutional clients, their current focus is on developing [...]

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