Pacific Workplaces Updates its Annual Customer Rating and Pricing Comparison with Regus

In the spirit of full transparency, Pacific Workplaces (Pac) recently updated its comprehensive compilation of prices published by individual Pac locations and nearby Regus centers for relevant apple-to-apple comparisons, as well as a compilation of customer ratings for both firms, available online with Yelp and Google Reviews. The data is available, location by location, [...]

The Value of Professional Volunteerism

One can never know the path volunteering may lead… How about: caucusing with the FBI… striving to overcome fears of public speaking… traveling our great nation… winning lovely accolades… After quite a few years of idle, non-participation in my industry’s association, the Global Workspace Association (GWA), I decided this year to join a little-advertised task [...]

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This Is Not Your Father’s Virtual Office

A conversation on mobile workers and the explosion of virtual offices with Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Cloud Virtual Offices, and Scott Chambers, Managing Partner of Pacific Business Centers. (Reposted from Executive Suite Success Magazine, September 2011) Revved Results (RR): Laurent, we knew you before as CEO of Pacific Business Centers in California. Why this move [...]

Officing Case Study: Vectis Law Group

When Patrick Costello, the principal lawyer of Vectis Law Group, opened his new practice in April 2010.he faced a difficult decision As a new firm, the bottom line was his ultimate consideration. But at the same time, he had to have the professional image and administrative support needed to run his business properly. When looking [...]

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Scott Chambers, COO Interviewed By Office Business Centers Association International

Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Business Centers was recently interviewed on our adoption of advanced Business Center technology and Pacific Business Centers’ vision of the future of workplaces – Cloud Officing ™ – by the Office Business Centers Association International (OBCAI). Check out the podcast where Scott discusses some of the work we have been [...]