The Coworking Movement continues to grow and evolve. According to the 2018 Global Coworking Survey by Deskmag, 1.7 million people will work out of approximately 19,000 coworking spaces globally by the end of this year. So why do people love coworking so much? We think it’s the human element of what coworking brings to people’s lives that makes this movement rock! In honor of International Coworking Day, we put together a video of teammates, friends, and members answering the question: “What Does Coworking Mean To You?”.

This video not only reminds us how much people love coworking, but it’s amazing how all of the responses we received focus on how coworking has impacted folks personally. Since today is International Coworking Day, we wish to celebrate the truly ‘good stuff’ that makes coworking so special.

Coworking Means Independence
Several coworkers feel they have more freedom to choose where they work and how they work. Kim Seipel, Marketing Manager, says she likes the convenience and freedom of coworking, especially when she needs to escape the kitchen table that serves as her office. While working from home is also convenient, it’s evident from so many members and teammates that human connection is vital, especially from a supportive community of peers. Coworking also provides independence in the geographical areas we work from. Several members cowork out of different coworking spaces within the Pacific Workplaces’ network. A different work environment or energy can spark productivity.

Coworking Means Productivity
Some members expressed how coworking has allowed for more productivity and growth. Keith Warner, a Managing Partner, stated that coworking is a place where people can come together, make friends, and yet provide a productive workspace where work can still be completed. Dave Alpert, the owner of Geopogo, mentions that coworking provided him the opportunity to join a community taking his team to a new level, while Katie Capielo, of Capielo Law, states that she is more productive in her coworking space than when working at home. Opportunities and ideas grow from conversations with fellow coworking members, conversations that would not happen if working from home. It’s often thought that a loud and active community can deter from productivity, but as several members describe, coworking remains to be a productive solution for their business. Cat Johnson, a member at NextSpace Santa Cruz and Content Strategist, says it best in that coworking is about self-determination, supporting, and inspiring each other in doing our best work.

Coworking Changes Lives
Many people mentioned how their coworking community has given them purpose and a sense of belonging. Also, that they would not have found one another if it weren’t for coworking spaces that fostered community and camaraderie. Kathy Nguyen, Community Manager at Pacific Workplaces San Jose mentions how coworking is an opportunity for members to be able to learn and grow from one another. Amandine Weinrob, with Equal Access, feels that coworking is about collaborating and the ability to connect with a variety of different people. Members have found business partners, best friends, and new neighbors through coworking. Which, as Iris Kavanagh puts it, are her “favorite people”. Iris, NextSpace Berkeley’s General Manager, shares that coworking has changed her life over the past 11 years due to the fact that her community members inspire one another and work together to improve the community. David Ruval with Moya Law Firm adds that he not only sees an improvement to the community through coworking but also to the environment. Cat sums it up by expressing her perspective that coworking means living a life of purpose and connection.

A very special thank you to all of our ‘Pacmates’ and ‘Spacers’ who contributed to this video. Happy International Coworking Day, everyone!

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