NextSpace Coworking Berkeley powered by Pacific Workplaces is looking fine with a new shine. 

The NextSpace team and leadership recently finished a refresh that added new amenities and features, updated existing features, and upped the workspace wellness factor right in downtown Berkeley.

At the heart of the refresh was a vision to bring a calming, nature-inspired sense into the space.

“We harkened back to our roots with a desire to bring the feel of the outside inside,” says NextSpace Area Manager Iris Kavanagh. “Our overall mission was to create a workspace that’s both true to the community of Berkeley and provides a healthy environment.”

The Workspace Refresh

Kavanagh and the Pacific Workplaces team brought in earth-toned carpet, elements of wood and stone, and modern steel touches. They focused on repurposed materials for the desks and tables, including reimagining their beloved redwood community desk (a feature of all NextSpace locations) into a shared community standing desk and using reclaimed wooden tops for the ergonomically designed sit-stand desks. Everything in the main space on casters can be moved around, as needed, for events.

The design is centered around an iconic image of Berkeley and the Bay—a view of the Berkeley skyline.

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Space Refresh Skyline Mural

“The space is now very calming and soft for the nervous system,” says community manager Toni Akudinobi. “Before,” she adds, “you got slapped with the NextSpace orange as soon as you walked in.”

NextSpace Berkeley now has six new offices and divided one conference room into a small meeting room and a team office. The updated design also includes smart door technology, digital signage, refreshed kitchen and a new copy room. They also installed a new wifi system throughout the space and updated existing hardware. 

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Space Refresh Private Office

Flexible Access to Professional Amenities

The additions and improvements are in keeping with the Pacific Workplaces ethos of pairing professional business amenities with flexible access.  The response from members has been enthusiastically positive.

“When members come by, they recognize that it is completely different,” says Akudinobi. “It isn’t hippy dippy anymore. It is awesome.”

One former member walked in and said, “What is this place?”

“It is truly calming to the nervous system in here,” adds Kavanagh.

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Space Refresh Standing Desks

Workplace Wellness in Berkeley

In keeping with workplace trends focusing on delivering wellness to members, NextSpace Berkeley now has ergonomic desking and seating throughout the space, with sit/stand desks in the open coworking area, as well as dedicated standing desks available for those who prefer to have a set workplace of their own.

There’s also a new AC/HVAC system to boost air quality and circulation, which is a high priority as people prepare to move back into workspaces, post-COVID.

Navigating COVID has been challenging for coworking space operators and members, but the NextSpace Berkeley community has held strong.  “They’ve made everything worth it,” says Akudinobi. “I can’t wait for the community to return and grow.”

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Safe Coworking Space

Regrowing the Berkeley Economy

Looking forward, Kavanagh, Akudinobi and the team are ready to help regrow the economy in Berkeley through supporting small businesses. One way of doing this is by connecting the Berkeley business infrastructure to the individuals creating grassroots economic development.

“This is the vision we’ve had for years,” says Kavanagh.

Now the NextSpace team continues to work for that vision, in a refreshed coworking space in Berkeley, California.

Looking to join a safe workspace community?  Learn more about our NextSpace Coworking Berkeley location.