At Pacific Workplaces, we have been honored to host and incubate a variety of growing companies, startups and corporations since we first opened our doors in 2003. We have an overflowing amount of respect for their hard work and the unique attributes each individual brings to our office spaces. This is the fourth blog post in a series where we have been highlighting some of our incredible tenants, who are either on their way to or have already achieved entrepreneurial or industry success. For today’s post, we will be raving about three law firms that all do impressive work and take on awesome cases in their field.

Lunski & Stimpert began as two independent virtual office clients at our high-quality San Francisco office space. Bothexperienced lawyers, Ron Lunski first came to Pacific Workplaces in June 2012, while Marc Stimpert came along in August 2012. They soon each took full-time offices in the same building. Throughout the years they collaborated on certain cases, which lead to the two men merging their two law firms into one in March 2015. Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of litigation experience, which is why their clients know they are lawyers they can trust. They specialize in lawsuits and cases involving construction defects, contractor disputes, real estate, commercial and business. We think Lunski & Stimpert are great tenants because they demonstrate the value of utilizing a shared workspace to your professional advantage through networking and collaboration. They are a testament to what can be accomplished through working together for a singular goal.

Morrison & Foerster is an incredible high-profile, international law firm that rented eight offices from our centrally located San Jose office building for half a year in 2009 to work on a huge case in the city. They operate on a global scale with a network of more than 1,000 lawyers at 17 offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Their clients include successful technology, financial, life sciences and Fortune 100 companies. Their unique nickname, MoFo, was derived from the 1970s, when the firm choose the name to be the teletype address to use in oversea cables. Nowadays, MoFo serves as both the firm’s IP address and a reminder that though they will be hard at work for their clients’ cases, they do not take themselves too seriously. They are a fantastic firm because for the second year in a row, Yale Law Women added them to the prestigious list of the Top 10 Family Friendly Firms.

Taggart Law Offices has been a valued client of ours since 2010. Jeanette Taggart was a virtual office client at our San Jose office space for three years before she rented an office in the same building. She has since maintained both her virtual and physical office to best meet the needs of her clients. Her team has over 20 years of experience in California and is dedicated to taking the time to truly understand their clients’ needs and goals. Taggart Law Offices specializes in a wide variety of services for both business law and estate planning.