With three weeks into the Shelter In Place (SIP) order and lifestyle, in response to COVID-19, several new policies and guidelines for our members and team have been implemented at Pacific Workplaces.

On March 31, 2020 the Bay Area counties created enhanced social distancing requirements, which you can read about in this article. This impacts Pacific Workplaces directly as an essential business and requires us to create a “social distancing protocol” for each center, following the guidelines in this template

Pacific Workplaces is adopting these protocols at all of our locations, regardless of which county our workspaces are located in, by 5:oo pm on April 3, 2020.

The following protocols will be implemented:

  1. Signage will be posted informing members of social distancing requirements in the following locations
    1. The exterior of the front door (or) just inside the entry door
    2. Bathrooms
    3. Any other high-use areas that members will be passing regularly
  2. Placement of hand sanitizer and social distancing signage just inside the front door of the member entrance. If hand sanitizer is unavailable, members will be reminded to wash their hands.  
  3. The kitchen and lounge will be cordoned off and signage will be posted to notify people of the closure until the social distancing order has been lifted.
  4. For spaces with open coworking areas:
    1. All shared tables will be closed off with a visible “closed” sign
    2. Tables will be assigned to 1 person per table with a visible sign that states “One person per table”
  5. Printer Station:
    1. A sign will be posted reminding members to wash their hands prior to and after using the printer
    2. Any and all shared printer station tools (staplers, tape, staple pullers, paper cutters, scissors, etc) will be removed
  6. Reception
    1. All pens and any other shared items from the reception desk will be removed
    2. Team members will continue keeping a 6 feet distance from one another
    3. A sign will be posted  asking members to remain 6 ft away from staff while collecting mail or asking questions 

Each center will implement any additional guidelines as they see fit to ensure the safety of its members. For more information, we encourage you to contact your Community Manager directly.

One last note, the Governor’s statement about rephrasing “social distancing” to “physical distancing” is important, and our team at Pacific Workplaces will shift towards promoting that terminology, combined with “social connections,” albeit connections from a distance or virtually. It is critical that everyone doubles down on their efforts if we, as a community, are going to be able to flatten the curve and not overwhelm our healthcare system.