Coworking Memberships Deconstructed – Which Workspace Option is Right for You?

So you’re thinking of joining a coworking space. Great! Chances are good that you’ll see an uptick in productivity, income and both your professional and personal connections. But what type of coworking membership is right for you? Do you want the occasional day pass? Will you need 24/7 access to a space? Are you [...]

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4 Tools to Enable Collaboration in your Shared Workspace

Coworking spaces should inspire collaboration. One of the biggest perks of membership in a shared workspace is the in-house community of friends and professionals who provide support, referrals, resources and know-how. Collaboration with fellow members is absolutely invaluable to coworking members, whether a new freelancer, an established independent professional, a small business owner, a [...]

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Shared Office Space in Sacramento – 9 Things to Look for in Your Next Workspace

Sacramento, California has a rich history that includes being a distribution point during the Gold Rush, being an agriculture hotbed and being an endpoint for the Pony Express, the Transcontinental Railroad and more. These days, the Golden State’s capital city is known for its diversity, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, food scene, arts and culture, and [...]

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Transparency as a Cornerstone of Pacific Workplaces Pricing Policy

At Pacific Workplaces (Pac) transparency is a religion. We believe that everything we do can be shared, analyzed, benchmarked. There is no taboo, no forbidden domain. Nothing that can’t be explained. That principle applies to internal and external communications. It is a philosophical cornerstone of our company. A principle that helps us be thoughtful and [...]

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Which Shared Workspace is Right for You?

Over the last 10 years, coworking has grown from a small movement into a global industry with an estimated 21,000 spaces worldwide. As the movement has evolved, so has the language we use to describe these shared workspaces. “Shared workspace” or “shared office space” are the umbrella terms used to describe any type [...]

Office Rental in California: How to Access 18 Locations in California and 650 locations worldwide, with One Membership

By Cat Johnson, a well-known writer, podcaster and content strategist in the coworking industry and a happy member at NextSpace Santa Cruz. Being a mobile worker in California does not mean you must settle for a table in a busy coffee shop to catch up on email, or worse, meet with clients. [...]

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On-demand Office Space: What to Look for in a Shared Workspace

By Cat Johnson, a well-known writer, podcaster and content strategist in the coworking industry and a happy member at NextSpace Santa Cruz. Professionals are no longer tethered to one office or one time zone. Business and connections happen 24/7 in locations around the world. It’s now easier than ever to find [...]

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You Wanted Coworking At Your Fingertips, We Listened: Pacific Workplaces Launches New Website and Coworking E-commerce Capabilities

Pacific Workplaces is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved website and here’s why you should care:  Visitors can now instantly buy Coworking Memberships online. Tada! In truth, our previous website already had e-commerce capabilities that worked quite well for us.  Users were able to purchase Virtual Office Plans [...]

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Pacific Workplaces Once Again Honored as Best Places to Work by the Sacramento Business Journal

Press Release | For Immediate Release Pacific Workplaces, a leading provider of Workplace-as-a-Service ™ in California and Nevada, was honored, for the third time as one of the best employers, and received the Sacramento Business Journals Best Places to Work award. Repeating this honor for a third time makes us so proud. It shows that we [...]

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Pacific Workplaces Named Medium Business of the Year

Pacific Workplaces Cupertino 2015 Medium Business of the Year Cupertino Chamber Board President Richard Abdalah of Abdalah Law Offices, recently announced the Chamber has named the Cupertino location of Pacific Workplaces 2015 Medium Business of the Year. Pacific Workplaces was formally recognized at the annual STAR Awards Gala, held [...]

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