Many of us see sustainability initiatives as long-term projects which can be daunting, but you really can make an impact on a wide spectrum of sustainability issues by finding simple ways of taking meaningful action. At Pacific Workplaces and NextSpace, we’re committed to fostering sustainability through our partnership with SUPER (Single Use Plastic Elimination Reduction). April is Earth Month, so it’s an opportune time to reflect on our daily habits to see where we can make adjustments. Whether you’re at the office every day or just a few times a week, the time spent in your workspace adds up. Here are three simple yet impactful ways we’ve made it easier for members of Pacific Workplaces to cut through the complexity of sustainability and make a real difference. 

Reducing Environmental Impact: One Cup at a Time

Coffee and tea are staples in any coworking space, serving as fuel for productivity and fostering connections among members. However, the abundance of single-use items associated with these beverages contributes to plastic waste. Our SUPER Certified Pacific Workplaces locations have implemented various alternatives to promote sustainability, including:

  • No K-cups. You won’t find any Keurigs at our locations
  • Replacing plastic creamer containers with paper/wax carton
  • Recycling coffee grounds for members to use in their gardens
  • Encouraging the use of reusable coffee mugs and water bottles
  • Refillable water stations as a standard as we open new spaces
  • Adopting reusable coffee filters and locally sourced organic coffee delivered in returnable bins
  • Providing loose leaf tea instead of single-use tea bags, which often contain plastic
  • Offering honey in glass jars instead of plastic containers

Pacific Workplaces Cupertino Refillable Water Stations

Sustainability at Pacific Workplaces Tea Station

Snacks & Kitchen Solutions: Ditching Disposables

Snacks and amenities in the kitchen/business lounge area present another opportunity to reduce single-use plastics. Our locations have taken proactive steps to promote sustainability, including:

  • Removing vending machines to reduce single-use packaging waste
  • Establishing refillable snack bars with glass containers and paper bags for creating personalized snack mixes
  • Sourcing bakery products from local vendors delivered in paper bags instead of plastic clamshells
  • Collaborating with local businesses to arrange plastic-free orders of bagels or cookies
  • Using washable silverware and utensils instead of disposable options
  • Ensuring paper products are packaged without plastic wrapping

Coworking Space Sacramento Watt Sustainable Snack Bar

Pacific Workplaces Sustainability in the Workplace Cleaning Supplies

Promoting Digital Practices

Reducing paper usage is another crucial step towards sustainability. Instead of printing agendas or presentations, why not harness the power of our tech’d out meeting rooms? With tech tools like electronic whiteboards and Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing, collaboration becomes effortless and eco-friendly.

Gone are the days of relying on disposable supplies like chart paper, pens, and dry erase markers—all of which contribute to plastic waste. Zoom Rooms revolutionize the way we work, boasting features like HD cameras, expansive flat screen displays, and built-in microphones. Plus, with the ability to share multiple desktops simultaneously, productivity knows no bounds.

Pro tip: Look into re-fillable dry erase markers for members who love mind-mapping on a whiteboard!

Sustainability at Pacific Workplaces refillable markers

And the best part? Technology tools  like these are constantly evolving. From more robust interactive whiteboard features to customizable templates, the possibilities are endless—just like our commitment to sustainability.

We are immensely proud of our SUPER Certified PAC locations and the positive impact they are making on our planet and the communities we serve. By incorporating these simple yet impactful practices into our daily routines, we can create a workplace environment that makes it easy for our members and all who work at our coworking places to prioritize sustainability and foster a sense of environmental stewardship. 

Pacific Workplaces SUPER Certified Coworking Spaces

Contact us to learn more about our SUPER Certified locations and how to join us towards a more sustainable workplace.