Three Easy Ways to Simplify Sustainability at Work

Many of us see sustainability initiatives as long-term projects which can be daunting, but you really can make an impact on a wide spectrum of sustainability issues by finding simple ways of taking meaningful action. At Pacific Workplaces and NextSpace, we're committed to fostering sustainability through our partnership with SUPER (Single Use Plastic Elimination [...]

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Transforming the World of Work through Sustainability

Pacific Workplaces recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in the modern business world and the importance it holds for our communities and the members we serve.  In the pursuit of a sustainable future, more businesses are turning to innovative solutions that reduce their environmental impact and enhance their marketability. One tool that has helped [...]

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Pacific Workplaces Commitment to Minimize Single-Use Plastic

As we near Earth Day on April 22nd, we’re excited to celebrate our Pacific Workplaces locations that have made a commitment to sustainability by becoming SUPER Certified! (Single Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction).  SUPER® is a non-profit organization that provides 3rd party certifications to companies that eliminate or greatly reduce single-use plastics in their [...]

The Gilded Age of Renting: Let’s Subscribe to That Sofa

Author: Sapna Maheshwari From Pacific Workplaces: The era of 'Renting' is in full swing as this New York Times article shows how folks today prefer to rent everything from office and coworking space to clothes and furniture. Many young American urbanites have resigned themselves to a life of non-ownership, abandoning the dream of their [...]

7 Reasons to Use a Virtual Mail Service Instead of a PO Box

This post was originally published on May 7, 2018 and updated on July 9, 2019.  Virtual mail services are not new—business centers have offered them for years. Virtual mail is, however, an increasingly common offering in coworking spaces as demand for more professional amenities grows in the shared workspace industry. Virtual mail use is [...]

EASY Tips for Greening Your Office

Green plants are a great way to create ambiance, fill unused space and provide clean air, but they aren’t the only ways to cheaply and easily bring more green into your workspace. We all know that “green” business practices are a good idea. Even if you don’t buy into the [...]

Green Business Certification: What You Need to Know

Going green is important – no matter whether you are doing it in your own home or in your office. While it’s good to be green in all aspects of your life, there’s an added benefit to getting your office space green. A company that chooses to use eco-friendly practices can [...]

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Your Green Virtual Office Space

Just about everyone today is looking for ways to ‘go green.’ The green evolution started years ago when the public was educated on the benefits of carpooling into work to conserve energy, or telecommuting to save on expensive gas prices. The virtual office is the future of our evolution of [...]