Pacific Workplaces recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in the modern business world and the importance it holds for our communities and the members we serve. 

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, more businesses are turning to innovative solutions that reduce their environmental impact and enhance their marketability. One tool that has helped Pacific Workplaces achieve this goal is SUPER. SUPER means single-use plastic elimination and reduction which has proven to be a game-changer for Pacific Workplaces and its members alike.

In 2021, Pacific Workplaces made a commitment to sustainability by reducing or eliminating single-use plastics in our coworking places. This includes making adjustments to our spaces to find a more sustainable balace such as:

  • Utilizing only washable silverware and eating utensils
  • Locally sourced organic coffee delivered in returnable and reusable bins and removing single serve “K-cup” coffee
  • Asking local restaurants to deliver catering items in paper bags instead of plastic clamshells
  • Replacing vending machines with snack options in refillable containers
  • Ordering eco-friendly office supplies like refillable dry erase markers and pencil highlighters

Pencil Highlighters Pacific Workplaces Sustainability

Coworking and Sustainability Pacific Workplaces Reno Coffee Bar

Coworking Space Sacramento Watt Sustainable Snack Bar

To show the impact SUPER has had on our members, we asked them to share how the SUPER and Pacific Workplaces’ collaboration has impacted their businesses. 

Pharma Parapluie LLC

“Our decision to embrace sustainability through their guidance has catapulted us into a new league of marketability in government contracting. Thanks to Pacific Workplaces partnership with SUPER and SUPER’s expertise, we’ve reduced plastics waste and embraced sustainable sourcing, making us an ideal choice for government contracts with an ever-growing focus on sustainability. This shift has positioned us as a frontrunner in the pursuit of responsible business practices, aligning perfectly with the government’s evolving green standards. Pharma Parapluie is now a name synonymous with both quality healthcare standards and a greener future.”

 I Am A Thinker LLC

“By becoming a member of Pacific Workplaces and their involvement with SUPER, I Am A Thinker has become a prime contender in the federal arena. Their green initiatives have not only lessened our environmental footprint, but have also amplified our efficiency. This shift has boosted our appeal in federal contract selections, aligning us perfectly with their emphasis on eco-friendly practices. I Am A Thinker is now recognized for innovation and a commitment to a sustainable future, which holds significant value among our colleagues within federal contracting.”

Alliance Medical

“Pacific Workplaces being SUPER certified showed our team that they will go above and beyond to make sure we are doing the best we can to help sustain our planet, something we at Alliance greatly appreciate.” 

With the collaboration of SUPER and Pacific Workplaces, our members are not only contributing to a greener planet, but the commitment to sustainability firmly aligns with our core value: WE CARE. Pacific Workplaces also hopes to unlock new opportunities by becoming leaders in the pursuit of a sustainable future. This is more than just going green; it’s about growing strong through responsible and forward-thinking business practices. 

Pacific Workplaces San Francisco Pacific Heights Super Certified Coworking Space

If you are an entreprenuer or business owner and care about the planet and your customers, contact us and we’ll happily refer you to resources that can help your business become SUPER Certified! We are all in this together to ensure our planet remains inhabitable for future generations. Lets go!