Today’s professionals have come to expect the freedom to work where they please.  The challenge is finding the best hybrid work schedule, or that perfect mix of in-office and remote working. Enter the All Access Pass – designed for professionals who Work-From-Home (WFH), but want the flexibility to work-near-home in a private office with access to professional amenities to do concentrated work when the home office doesn’t cut it.  

Profile of an All Access Pass User

Attorneys, financial consultants, tech workers, and freelancers across many industries are choosing hybrid work, but the decision to go hybrid isn’t just about the type of work one does, but also takes into account a worker’s persona, or specific traits that represent the preferences of what each individual needs to do their best work.  Since the All Access Pass is about catering to hybrid work, here are four personas we’ve seen benefitting from the flexibility of All Access.

The Independent Worker

These soloists are highly productive when given the opportunity to do heads-down work with little distractions.  They want the freedom to work at their own pace and don’t need to be micromanaged.  Work-from-home (WFH) was a relatively easy transition, but the All Access Pass provides the option to work-near-home in a professional environment should they need a break from the home office.  These freedom workers may also want to leverage the amenities that a flex office space offers such as copiers, scanners, and electronic whiteboards to complete specific projects.

Pacific Workplaces Walnut Creek member Jason Wynne, who runs a team of sales associates says, “I use the All Access Pass on days I can’t be in my home office that I share with my wife.”

Ron Luenberger, a member who often uses our Cupertino office space location told us,When I have conference calls, I book one of the day offices for privacy and do not need to worry about the phone booth in the coworking area being occupied.”

Reno Private Office Space | Pacific Workplaces

The Schedule Shuffler

Individuals who are constantly juggling work and family commitments.  They need an extremely flexible work routine that adapts to their changing schedules.  For instance, a working mother may need to leverage an All Access Pass to work from a downtown coworking space that’s closer to her daughter’s music recital on one day, while accessing space closer to her son’s soccer game at the end of the week. For the shuffler, it’s all about practicality and making hybrid work seamless and convenient. A real-time, online booking system is a must because they need to ensure workspace at a specific location and time.  

Innovative Collaborators

These professionals are usually part of a remote team who mainly WFH, but want the ability to meet in-person with colleagues to collaborate on ideas and projects.  On days when group meetings are necessary, suitable conference room options are a must.  Although the All Access Pass provides an available private office at any location, it’s possible to request a meeting room on occasions where you need face-to-face time with another colleague.  Collaborators need workspaces that provide sufficient technology for a productive work session. Media rooms with large flat screen displays, electronic whiteboards, and Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing technology are important tools needed to cater to distributed workers and remote teams.

Pacific Workplaces Oakland Zoom Rooms and Hybrid Workers

Community Seekers

While they appreciate the flexibility of hybrid work, this persona also wants to feel like they are part of a community. They can only work-from-home for so long before they crave the energy of having other professionals around them – even if it’s just for the occasional water cooler conversation.  These professionals want the opportunity to meet people, participate in events and create connections.  Coming into the office is an enjoyable experience for them, and they see the value in being part of a workplace community that has a vibe and culture that meshes well with their personality.  

Mariana Flores, a member at our NextSpace Santa Cruz coworking location says, “The All Access Pass provides me with both a workspace and a working community, and is a 10 out of 10 membership plan.”

All Access Pass and Coworking Community | NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz

Do any of these personas sound like you?  If you’re looking for hybrid work solutions, check out our All Access Pass and see if it’s a good fit for your workplace persona.