Hybrid work schedules have become a permanent fixture in modern businesses, blending the advantages of work-from-home with the traditional office environment. Even companies with return-to-office mandates post Covid now offer flexible work policies driven by the high-value employees put on where and when they work. The Flex Index Scoop Report data captured at the end of 2023 suggests that two-thirds of U.S. companies will offer work location flexibility by the end of 2024.

Flex Index Scoop Report 2023

Source: Flex Index (flex.scoopforwork.com)

While hybrid remote offers more flexibility, many professionals face challenges like distractions at home and feelings of solitude. Coworking spaces understand the unique demands of flexible work schedules and provide an environment that supports the hybrid remote lifestyle. Let’s explore the key amenities that make these spaces ideal for professionals juggling between home and office work.

Hybrid Work Scheduling Systems

The calendar is the backbone of daily planning for professionals on a hybrid work schedule. Coworking spaces offer on-demand desk booking solutions that allow users to reserve workstations that meet their preferences for amenities, proximity to their home office, or the desirability to meet with other team members. Whether you prefer to rent a conference room, reserve a coworking flex desk, or treat yourself to a swanky private office in San Francisco, choose a coworking space provider that offers real-time booking to accommodate the flexibility you need during the work week. Things to look for in a booking system:

  • Easy to use with a full-view display of all bookable work areas including meeting rooms, guest offices, flex desks, phone booths, and podcast rooms
  • Pictures of each space with included in-room equipment and amenities
  • A system that allows for same day reservations
  • The ability to track utilization of any included meeting room hours or credits provided

Real-time booking capabilities allow professionals on a hybrid work schedule the ability to plan ahead and ensure the spaces they need to be most productive can be reserved with ease, enhancing the physical experience of hybrid work.

Access to Other Coworking Spaces

For those constantly on the move, having the option to work from different coworking spaces is a game-changer. Whether you want to work-near-home or are hopping across town, the ability to plug into a network of friendly workspaces is a huge perk.

Coworking spaces can help bridge the gap between the home office and having to commute to company headquarters. Many coworking providers like Pacific Workplaces offer an All Access Pass coworking membership which is designed for professionals who work-from-home, but want the flexibility to work-near-home in a private office with access to professional amenities to do concentrated work when the home office doesn’t cut it.  

Tech Tools for For Max Productivity

Understanding that hybrid work thrives on flexibility, your coworking space should be outfitted with (the minimum) tech tools:

  • A great wifi connection. This goes without saying, but it’s not just about speed. The wifi at your coworking space should be able to handle high-traffic to support all the different devices being used in the space.
  • Smart meeting rooms that offer more than just whiteboards and large screen displays. Conference rooms should come full- equipped with the latest technology like high-quality HD video conferencing systems and other collaboration tools that are essential for effective communication. 
  • Print & scan capabilities. This is an amenity that hybrid workers may not have at their home office, so it’s a definite perk of any coworking space. It saves time on going to FedEx Office for the occasional paper-based need.
  • Secure access through digital key systems & surveillance cameras ensuring an extra layer of security for all.
Salto Access Control System at Pacific Workplaces

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Cupertino Smart Meeting Rooms and Video Conferencing | Pacific Workplaces

Refreshment & Wellness Areas

A quick break for a snack or coffee can work wonders for your productivity. One of the favorite amenities of any coworking space is usually the fully stocked kitchen and cozy refreshment areas where you can grab coffee, tea, or a snack and visit with other members. These communal spots aren’t just about food; they create a sense of community and boost overall well-being. A survey by the American Psychiatric Association in 2021 found that the majority of employees working from home experienced negative mental health impacts, including isolation and loneliness. The ability to connect with others even for short conversations can help balance the solitude that sometimes comes with working from home. Many spaces now also offer a wellness room where you can have a moment to recharge your batteries, helping you return to your tasks refreshed and ready.

Pacific Workplaces Phoenix Amenities and Member Community

On-Site Support Staff

Nothing’s more frustrating than tech troubles when you’re in the zone. That’s where on-site support staff come in. Make sure your coworking space has friendly, professional onsite team members who are ready to tackle any issues that arise. The onsite team is there to ensure you can stay focused and productive, without interruptions from technical glitches or workspace questions. We are proud of our customer reviews at Pacific Workplaces. Make sure you check out the reviews of any coworking space you decide to integrate with your hybrid work schedule.

Coworking space San Francisco onsite staff | Pacific Workplaces

The hybrid model is now a staple in the new way of work. As a coworking space provider, Pacific Workplaces is at the forefront of this movement, providing top-tier San Francisco Bay Area coworking solutions, including other locations in Sacramento, Phoenix, and Nevada. Whether you need a conference room for a crucial meeting or a dynamic workspace to facilitate daily tasks, we are ready to support your hybrid work model.

For more information or to explore our coworking places, contact us today.