In 2014, Pacific Workplaces re-branded, and shortly thereafter our members quickly started to affectionately refer to the company as “PAC.”  When our new brand launched, we started to rally around one single tagline: We Make Work Better. So, what does that mean?

We collected the opinions of a few of our long-time members, and here is what they had to say in regards to how we make work better for them. Steven Lovell, member of Pacific Workplaces Walnut Creek for over 10 years says, “Personally, for me, especially with the new renovation, when the change was made, I didn’t know it would be so good. The environment facilitates the interaction between coworkers. It makes you want to be social and have agreeable conversations with everyone in the office.”

Alex, a long-time member at Pacific Workplaces Greenhaven says, “PAC creates a welcoming and engaging work environment. PAC is always thinking of new and innovative ways to make their members happy.”

Sunit from our Oakland location mentioned, “Our company has been with Pacific Workplaces for a decade. Everyone’s always smiling, is always ready to help at a moment’s notice, no matter what the task. And in my case, explaining rules and changes, usually more than once, and always patiently. They certainly make my work better and easier! 🙂

Grounded in our own members testimonies, we can articulate the PAC value proposition, “We Make Work Better”, around these main thoughts:

We make work easy.

Our goal at Pacific Workplaces is to make a complete work environment available to our members on-demand. We provide all of the amenities that professional businesses need. This includes access to furnished private offices, live phone answering services, fully equipped professional meeting rooms, phone booths for extra privacy, or rock-star community managers who act as the ‘composers’ of our space, down to basic necessities such as, coffee, tea, filtered water, networked printers and other office supplies. The idea is to make work easy because everything you need is already there. Our array of shared workspace offerings from Monthly and Dedicated Desk Coworking Memberships, Virtual Office Plans, Live Answering Packages, office space and meeting room offerings ensure that we have something for EVERYONE.

Pacific Workplaces Private Office Space

We make work efficient.

We see ourselves as our members support staff, working as their office manager, receptionist, IT support, or community building catalysts, as the case might be. Our support to members does not stop at the door. For example, we’ll help them set up a temporary office or book a meeting room at preferential rates and with a preferential status anywhere in our CloudTouchdown network of 650 locations worldwide, a program specifically for mobile workers by our sister company CloudVO. Additionally, we constantly add upgrades to the space and improve technology to enhance the overall experience of our members.

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Meeting Rooms and Coworking Space

We build communities.

Our mission is to curate a community that enriches the professional experience by giving members ample opportunities to network informally with other members; enabling serendipitous learning, and in some cases, help members find new business or funding partners. Our member programming includes events that reflect the local flavor and vibe of the people in the space. Our Community Managers increase member participation by creating opportunities to build relationships through making one-on-one introductions, organizing happy hours, specific events that are near and dear to our member roster like Women in Tech or inviting the mayor to come by for an informal discussion on local issues, and team building events like Office Olympics and ping pong tournaments that inspire light-hearted competition and fun.

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Member Programming and Member Events

NextSpace Coworking San Jose event Mayor Sam Liccardo Group Discussion

We make work productive.

We free-up members from mundane activities, which allows more time for a productive workday. Our team members, a.k.a. ‘‘Pacmates’ do everything from providing digital mail services, arrange important business meetings, offer live answering services as well as platforms and technology tools to maximize productivity, and member programming that creates a unique environment that encourages connections and engagement.

We make work fun.

Our team at Pacific Workplaces strives to provide a pleasant environment for everyone. We decorate for national holidays, sporting events, and special events to make the space feel festive – and then there’s always the opportunity to join our happy hours, lunch-and-learns, and other fun events where members can meet one another and take quick breaks from their busy day.

Pacific Workplaces Fun Member Community and Events

We strive every day to make work easy and efficient, build our workplace community, help our members be more productive, and do it all while having fun. In short, We Make Work Better!

If you’re looking for a way to make work better, schedule a tour at any of our 17 locations.