At Pacific Workplaces (Pac) transparency is a religion. We believe that everything we do can be shared, analyzed, benchmarked. There is no taboo, no forbidden domain. Nothing that can’t be explained. That principle applies to internal and external communications. It is a philosophical cornerstone of our company. A principle that helps us be thoughtful and reasonable in everything we do, and ultimately establish trust.

You are a Pac entry level employee who wants to know how much our CEO makes? Ask him. He may not publish it in an open forum but he will tell you one-on-one.

On Demand Offices and Shared Workspaces Service Pricing

You are considering becoming a Pacific Workplaces member and want to make sure there is no hidden charge that will hit you after moving in? We publish a complete service price list on our website for any service you might think of. We include a printout in our standard brochure and make the main service costs visible in our virtual office collateral. We also direct you to bundles of services that are likely to include all that you need at a fixed monthly price. No surprise there. No nickel-and diming. Regus is famous for that, not us.

But sometimes a long list of service items can be overwhelming. People interested in coworking or in taking on a private office space tend to focus on the membership fee or rent for the space, and tend not to spend much time studying the smaller charges they may be faced with later on. Does this lead to an opportunity to squeeze in hidden fees? Not with Pac. All individual service charges are designed to hold up against any reasonable benchmark. For example, black & white copies come at 9 cents per copy, which compares favorably with Fedex Office at 11 cents. A scan will cost you 4 cents to cover the wear and tear of the printer/scanner, not the preposterous 50 cents they charge at Regus. Fifty cents when you are not paying attention, really? No wonder Regus has so many discontent customers. You’ll find none of that at Pacific Workplaces.

Pacific Workplaces versus Regus Pricing Comparative Analysis

We systematically benchmark the pricing of our products and services with others in our business, to ensure that we are competitive and provide good value in everything we do. A recent example of that is the comprehensive pricing comparison between Pacific Workplaces and Regus where we analyze Virtual Office and Meeting Room services between Regus and Pacific Workplaces in several different markets.

Pacific Workplaces versus Regus Pricing Comparative Analysis

We try really hard to be upfront and straightforward. We want to be reasonable and thoughtful in anything we do. Transparency is not only the ethical thing to do, it is also the smart business thing to do. It forces discipline. Like making sure there is a reason for what we do, a reason we can explain. This guarantees that we won’t do anything we could be ashamed of for very long.

Mistakes do happen, but being transparent opens up the dialogue with our stakeholders, generates real-time feedback, and in the end helps us correct these mistakes very quickly. If something does not make sense, you can be sure someone will point it out and we will try our earnest to take quick corrective actions. We would not get the outstanding Google and Yelp reviews we are getting if we behaved any other way.

Transparency is a critical step towards establishing trust with our members, employees, vendors and the community in which we are located, and we do our very best to live by it.