Pacific Business Centers Highlights ShoreTel Telephony Solution

Pacific Business Centers' testimonial of their very successful ShoreTel telephony solution. Scott Chambers and Charlotte Worrel document the success Pacific Business Centers has had in servicing their shared office space clients. ShoreTel is a huge part of Pacific Business Center's success in the Bay Area and throughout California. About Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific [...]

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Top 5 Best Getting Things Done Tools

As a business owner, you’re in the position where getting things done is an absolute necessity. If you’re not familiar with the book “Getting Things Done”, it’s a nonfiction book by David Allen that focuses on being more productive, no matter what your industry or your work function. It’s designed to help you take the [...]

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Mastering Outlook – 3 Tips

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all the rage, but for most businesses Outlook is a still the tool that they cannot live without. E-mail is so integrated into our lives we don’t even think about the impact it has on how we do business. But did you know that the majority of professionals don’t fully [...]

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Are You Developing With Technology?

As fast as Technology seems to change and advance, year by year that pace quickens even more. Just consider that in the last 10 years, ‘new’ technologies like e-mail and instant messenger have become old hat and now social and business networking sites such as twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn are the ‘new’ technologies. Technology has [...]

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