Bringing Proworking to Walnut Creek – How Pacific Workplaces Transformed its Local Workspace

In 2003, Pacific Workplaces COO Scott Chambers walked into an HQ Global Workspace location in Walnut Creek, California. The space was an executive suites model that was, "very tired, very rundown, very dark and old," according to Chambers. But he saw potential in it. Pacific Workplaces had recently purchased a location in nearby Pleasant [...]

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13 Surprisingly Valuable Items in Your Coworking Space (That Starbucks Mug May be Worth Thousands)

Are you sitting on a goldmine in your coworking space? That Starbucks mug at the back of your mug drawer may be worth thousands. Really. People collect Starbucks mugs and pay, um, insane amounts for them. And that’s not all. Your coworking space may be housing thousands of dollars’ worth of random collectibles and [...]

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Blending Community and Business: How Pacific Workplaces Saved a Coworking Brand by Asking for Help

At GCUC NYC last year, I walked out of the main room and bumped into Scott Chambers, the COO at Pacific Workplaces (PAC). Chambers and I knew of each other—PAC had recently swooped in and saved NextSpace Santa Cruz, my home coworking space, from near death—but we hadn’t had a chance to connect. As [...]

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What Coworking Means To Me – International Coworking Day

The Coworking Movement continues to grow and evolve. According to the 2018 Global Coworking Survey by Deskmag, 1.7 million people will work out of approximately 19,000 coworking spaces globally by the end of this year. So why do people love coworking so much? We think it's the human element of what coworking brings to [...]

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Coworking Memberships Deconstructed – Which Workspace Option is Right for You?

So you’re thinking of joining a coworking space. Great! Chances are good that you’ll see an uptick in productivity, income and both your professional and personal connections. But what type of coworking membership is right for you? Do you want the occasional day pass? Will you need 24/7 access to a space? Are you [...]

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9 Things to Look For in Your Next Silicon Valley Meeting Space

If you’re looking for a meeting room in Silicon Valley, chances are good you have a pressing, specific need for that space. Whether it’s to meet a client, have a team brainstorm, get some heads-down work done on the road, pitch investors, connect with collaborators or move a new project forward, meeting rooms are a [...]

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NextSpace Berkeley Celebrates 5 Years with Community, Music and Food

Five years ago this month, NextSpace Coworking Berkeley opened, becoming one of the first coworking spaces in the East Bay and the seventh NextSpace location.The only coworking space in downtown Berkeley in its early days, NextSpace Berkeley is now one of four in the neighborhood, but it remains a standout of the Bay Area coworking [...]

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5 Coworking Myths Debunked

If your understanding of coworking is shaped by what you read in the headlines, you may think coworking spaces are full of young tech bros and startups working in giant shared buildings. It’s simply not true. The coworking industry is a diverse network of spaces of all types and communities of all styles. The industry [...]

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NextSpace Ranks as One of 50 Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces in the US

As traditional office space norms fade and flexible shared workspace innovations continue to rise, coworking spaces are taking a new approach to work/life balance. The latest trend in the Coworking industry, thanks to Millennials desiring a flexible and diverse work environment, is to provide a workspace that is pet-friendly. This is quickly becoming very [...]

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4 Tools to Enable Collaboration in your Shared Workspace

Coworking spaces should inspire collaboration. One of the biggest perks of membership in a shared workspace is the in-house community of friends and professionals who provide support, referrals, resources and know-how. Collaboration with fellow members is absolutely invaluable to coworking members, whether a new freelancer, an established independent professional, a small business owner, a [...]

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