Pacific Workplaces Once Again Honored as Best Places to Work by the Sacramento Business Journal

Press Release | For Immediate Release

Pacific Workplaces, a leading provider of Workplace-as-a-Service ™ in California and Nevada, was honored, for the third time as one of the best employers, and received the Sacramento Business Journals Best Places to Work award. Repeating this honor […]

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Is it a Strategic Mistake for Business Centers to provide a Coworking Offering?

I am tempted to say: Yes, be careful!

This answer may surprise many of you. I have been an enthusiastic observer of coworking ever since ‘The Work Club’ started in Emeryville, CA, in 2003. I believe that all players in the Workspace-as-a-Service arena will eventually converge to offer a menu of choices ranging from private offices and professional meeting rooms to coworking options, all under the same roof. Walking the talk, as CEO of Pacific Business Centers, I drove our own experimentation with coworking 3 years ago.

So am I disavowing my own coworking strategy while at the helm of Pacific?

My good friend Robert Cher reminded me of the merits of staying centered on one’s core competency.  He recently wrote this brilliant Harvard Business Review post “Tinkering with Strategy can Derail Midsize Companies”. The essence of the article is that a common mistake by many midsize firms CEOs is to jump too quickly to the next idea, when they would often be better off sticking to what they know best. […]

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Pacific Business Centers Honored as A+ Employers Best Places to Work by The Business Journal

Press Release | For Immediate Release
Sacramento, CA – January, 2014

2013 A+ Best Places to Work AwardPacific Business Centers, the leading provider of Workplace-as-a-Service™ in California, was honored as one of the best employers and received the Sacramento Business Journals A+ Employers Best Places to Work award for the second year in a row.

“Duplicating the honor for a second year means so much to us. It shows that we make this a core part of our business identity. Achieving the perfect workplace is an evolving process, one which needs to be attended to and nurtured all the time.” said Tracy Wilson, Pacific Business Centers Managing Partner.

“To drive the point home, WE CARE about our customers, WE CARE about our investors, and, most of all, WE CARE about each other” is the final thought we use at every company management meeting and our Company Day annual event,” said Laurent Dhollande, Pacific Business Centers’ CEO. […]

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Pacific Business Centers Expands To Downtown Reno, Nevada

Press Release | For Immediate Release

Palo Alto, CA – October 30, 2013 Palo Alto-based Pacific Business Centers has secured a 13,000 square foot lease with One East Liberty, LLC, for their recently announced expansion into Northern Nevada. Pacific Business Centers will be located at One East Liberty, on the northeast corner of Virginia Street and Liberty Street. This new expansion will be Pacific Business Centers’ 17th location, and first in Nevada

PBC Reno Exterior“We’re extremely excited that Pacific Business Centers chose Northern Nevada, and downtown Reno specifically, for their expansion,” said Blake Smith, Managing Partner of One East Liberty, LLC. “This is just another step in the continuing revitalization of the downtown area.” Pacific Business Centers will be occupying the entire 6th floor, 13,000 square feet, of One East Liberty. The signature tenant remains U.S. Bank. Tenant improvements and space renovations on the 6th floor have been completed and the official opening for Pacific Business Centers is November 1st. […]

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4 Benefits of On-Demand Office Space

An on-demand office space is workspace that is available when a business needs it. But, these workspaces don’t demand a permanent presence from the business. For many small businesses, this presents the best of both worlds for several reasons.

Save the Expense of a Full-Time Office

Conference room meetingWith an on-demand office space, you aren’t responsible for all of the costs of the space. The office overhead expenses are paid by the virtual office provider it self, and you only take advantage of the office and services you need when you need them. If you don’t need to have frequent physical meetings, you don’t have to pay for full time office space or conference room space.  For many small businesses, saving on these expenses can mean the difference between staying afloat and running out of funds. […]

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How to Be as Productive as Possible This Year

If you have made a resolution to ramp up your productivity this year, you aren’t alone! Business owners are constantly faced with having to wear multiple hats, and to do that they must squeeze as much out of each day. The key to making the most of your time is starting with a plan.

Productivity boardYou need to decide what you are going to focus on in your business. What kinds of tasks need your personal attention, and which ones can be delegated to someone else?

Moving from a work-from-home enterprise to a Virtual Office solution is a great option. This type of arrangement allows you to take advantage of services, such as a live Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, to deal with some of the everyday tasks you are handling now. All of these tasks take time out of your day that you could be using to focus on working on your business. […]

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What Makes Pacific Business Centers Special?

What Makes PBC Special p1 […]

EASY Tips for Greening Your Office

Reduce Reuse RecycleGreen plants are a great way to create ambiance, fill unused space and provide clean air, but they aren’t the only ways to cheaply and easily bring more green into your workspace. We all know that “green” business practices are a good idea. Even if you don’t buy into the notion of saving the planet, green workspace practices absolutely save….green (I’m talking dead presidents, coin, moolah…) and, who doesn’t like the sound of that? At Pacific Business Centers we pride ourselves on taking those easy, extra steps and doing our part. We adhere, as best we can, to the sustainability mantra: recycle, reuse and reduce. […]

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4 Ways to Create a Valuable Team

Every business is, first and foremost, made up of its employees. As a business owner, it is in your power to hire the best employees for the job, but that all depends on your hiring protocol. When you start the process, there are several things to keep in mind to avoid any costly hiring mistakes.

1. Look for employees who can help with more than one task.

When you have a small business, every employee is vital. If you have one that can serve in more than one role effectively, you’ve just increased your workforce without creating more positions. When hiring, ask about other skills that will be useful, especially if you decide to work from a virtual office. Whether it’s networking, sales, or bookkeeping, your business could use a wide range of valuable skills. […]

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7 Reasons Why The Virtual Office Model Will Thrive

Recently, the amount of businesses switching from physical offices to a virtual office has grown dramatically. There are still some skeptics of the virtual office model, but in the future, this model is going to continue to grow and thrive. Here are some reasons you can expect this method of working to continue to flourish in the coming years.

1. Lower cost.

This is a big reason that many companies switch to a virtual office, and it’s a good one. By switching to a virtual office, you’ll be saving a monumental amount of money – all of the money that would have gone to rent, utilities, furniture, machines, and other various office amenities. All you’ll have to pay for is your virtual office service plan, which is a fraction of the cost of maintaining a physical office. […]

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