IBM to Reduce its Workforce by 299,000 in 7 Years? – Great News for On-Demand Office Providers

Personnel Today and Computer Weekly reported that Tim Ringo, head of IBM Human Capital Management, said that IBM could reduce its workforce by 299,000 down to 100,000 by 2017.

IBM would then rehire the workers, on an as-needed basis, as contractors for specific projects and use “crowdsourcing” as a vehicle to decrease cost and increase corporate nimbleness and efficiency. IBM has since denied they had any definitive plan to do so. […]

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Impact of Rent Tax On Commercial Real Estate Values

Local budget shortfalls are driving city governments to take desperate steps with significant implications on commercial real estate values.

Despair can sometimes take unexpected forms. On one hand, conservative cities in Texas are raising taxes, while  San Francisco is rumored to be slashing its welfare budget. The end of the world as we know it? Fortunately for our sanity, San Francisco has the good manner to remind us that everything is not totally upside down: the City Government is also looking at opportunities to raise taxes. […]

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Flexible Office Space Industry Leaders Strategize in New York City

office space and virtual officeNew York, NY – Members of the ALLIANCE Business Centers NETWORK descended on the city of New York for its 17th Annual Strategic Summit October 21-23, 2009. This year’s conference was especially important, as the Serviced Office Space industry starts to see several signs of economic recovery and prepares itself for exponential growth in the next 2-5 years!

ALLIANCE NETWORK Chairman, Frank Cottle, reminded attendees that the core elements of our business are People, Place & Technology. In this context there is a fundamental change toward more flexible and certainly more mobile workspace. Of course, the trend toward Virtual Offices is not new, but the demand of what Mr. Cottle calls “migratory flexibility” will provide tremendous opportunity and innovation around the vision of workplaces-as-a-service. […]

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Landlords Beware: The Office of The Future will Shake your World!

Traditional Office Space is going the way of the Selectric. It is still there, but no one uses it.

The office of the future is mobile, ubiquitous, and on-demand. Landlords, be warned. This will radically change the commercial real estate landscape. Few office space providers are prepared for this tsunami whose first ripples are already quite visible.

The earthquake that triggered the tsunami started long ago with the adoption of the Internet and mobile technology. The first ripples have added technology to the office, telecommuting away from the office, but they have not transformed the nature of the office itself. Not yet. However, they did drive significant behavioral changes in how office workers get their work done. These changes are about to destroy ‘the office’ as we know it. […]

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